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Our After School Club runs everyday from 3.15pm until 6pm.

The club is supervised by members of staff from our school. The children receive healthy snacks and drinks and are involved in a range of exciting activities.

Pupils throughout the school have consistently good attitudes to learning and they work hard. They respect their teachers highly and say that learning is exciting.

Staff have responded positively to the much higher expectations and were quick to tell the inspector about their pride in working at Cogenhoe and about the successes they are achieving together.

Pupils wear their uniform with pride and are very supportive of each other.

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01604 890380

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At Cogenhoe, our intent is to ensure all pupils produce creative, imaginative work. Children have the opportunity to explore their ideas and record their experiences, as well as exploring the work of others and evaluate different creative ideas. Children will become confident and proficient in a variety of techniques including drawing, painting sculpture, as well as other selected craft skills, e.g. collage, printing, weaving and patterns. Children will also develop their knowledge of famous artists, designers, and craft makers. Finally, children will develop their interest and curiosity about art and design through a series of lessons offering skills progression, knowledge progression and the opportunity to ask questions and demonstrate their skills in a variety of ways. The lessons offer the chance for children to develop their emotional expression through art to further enhance their personal, social, and emotional development.

The teaching and learning at Cogenhoe is based on the National Curriculum and linked to topics to ensure a well-structured approach to this creative subject.

The children are taught Art as a discrete subject, often alternating with Design Technology.

All pupils explore and use a variety of media and material through their Art lessons and skills are taught to build technique progressively.

While focusing on key skills such as drawing, painting, colour mixing, sculpture and collage, local, national, and international artists are explored to enhance the children’s learning. The children’s learning is further enhanced with whole school “Experience” days when Art is linked with other subjects to give children opportunities for collaborative working and exploring different styles and techniques of Art.


Pupils explore and use a variety of media and materials through a combination of child initiated and adult directed activities.  They have opportunities to learn to:

  • Explore the textures, movement, feel and look at different media and materials.
  • Respond to a range of media and materials, develop their understanding of them to manipulate and create different effects.
  • Use different media and materials to express their own ideas.
  • Explore colour and use for a particular purpose.
  • Develop skills to use simple tools and techniques competently and appropriately.
  • Select appropriate media and techniques and adapt their work where necessary.

Key Stage 1

Pupils are taught:

  • To use a range of materials creatively.
  • To use drawing, painting, and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences, and imagination.
  • About the work of a range of artists and craft makers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work.

Key Stage 2

Pupils are taught:

  • To develop their techniques including their control and use of media and materials.
  • To be creative and experiment; building an increasing awareness of different kinds of arts and crafts.
  • To improve their mastery of techniques, including drawing, painting, and sculpture, with a range of materials.
  • About great artist, architects, and designers throughout history.


The creativity of all our pupils is celebrated through communal displays, publishing on the weekly newsletter and on our website.

Ongoing assessment takes place throughout the year. Teachers use this information to inform future lessons; ensuring children are supported and challenged appropriately.  Assessments are analysed and gaps in attainment are addressed.  Children in Foundation Stage are assessed within the Early Learning Goals and progress is tracked using their individual learning journeys on See Saw.

Cogenhoe pupils have a deep appreciation and understanding of drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, textiles, printing, line, shape/form, tone, colour, texture, pattern and composition in their environment and life beyond Cogenhoe.

With Art ,there is no right or wrong frustrating problem to be solved – exploration is just as important as the finished product.

Children are focussed on what they know they can achieve through their efforts.  This creates a positive feedback loop that improves self-esteem as they sketch and try new things throughout school and life.

Confidence replaces feelings of insecurity and anxiety as Art brings children of all races, abilities, and backgrounds together for a common purpose at Cogenhoe – to create. 

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou.

Art Curriculum

Year Group Art Vocabulary