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Our After School Club runs everyday from 3.15pm until 6pm.

The club is supervised by members of staff from our school. The children receive healthy snacks and drinks and are involved in a range of exciting activities.

Pupils throughout the school have consistently good attitudes to learning and they work hard. They respect their teachers highly and say that learning is exciting.

Staff have responded positively to the much higher expectations and were quick to tell the inspector about their pride in working at Cogenhoe and about the successes they are achieving together.

Pupils wear their uniform with pride and are very supportive of each other.

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01604 890380

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The Rationale behind Cogenhoe’s Maths Curriculum

Maths Intent:

Maths is an essential and exciting part of our curriculum. Through our daily Maths teaching, we endeavour to ensure that all children are enabled to become confident mathematicians with the necessary skills to tackle Maths in daily life. Every child feels challenged and reaches their full potential – a ceiling is not put on any child’s learning. Our Maths teaching is underpinned by two factors: the school’s ethos of “inspiring a life-long commitment to learning” and the school’s values, particularly “Curiousty, Confidence and Pride”.

Maths Implementation:

We have embarked on a journey towards a mastery approach and work collaboratively with the Enigma Maths Hub to follow and implement the ‘Big 5 ideas’. Opportunities for Mathematical thinking allow children to make chains of reasoning connected with the other areas of their mathematics. A focus on representation and structure ensures that concepts are explored using the CPA approach. Teachers will use both procedural and conceptual variation within their lessons and fluency will continue to play a vital role in all lessons. Running through all of these facets of Mathematics is Coherence which is achieved through the planning of very small connected steps to link each skill and lesson within a topic.

At Cogenhoe Primary School, we teach through progressive objectives, which challenge and support all learners in all areas of the Maths curriculum including Number, Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Shape; Position, Direction and Movement; Measure and Statistics.

Our Maths sessions are fast paced, interactive and use ongoing assessment to support and challenge learners as necessary. Across the school, we ensure that children use a range of practical manipulatives to support their understanding of a key cncept or skill and children demonstrate their learning in concrete, pictorial and abstract representations consistently. The opportunity to reason, conjecture and convine is evident in every single lesson.

We also encourage cross curricular opportunities wherever possible, so that key concepts are reinforced and consolidated in real life contexts, which are evident in our theme books.

As a school, we recognise the importance of the parental role in securing each child’s success. Therefore, we offer parents workshops which explain the methods we use in school so that they can be fully involved in their child’s learning.

Please do take a look at our new, updated Calculation Policy below which fully outlines the progression from Reception to Year 6. We hope that you find this a useful document, full of visual and pictoral images to help you to support your child at home:

Calculation policy

Websites to help your children at home

Fractions workshop for parents

Fraction Workshop help sheet

Progression Map Fractions

The links above detail information about the teaching of Mathematics at our school. However, for further information on the teaching and learning of Mathematics, please arrange an appointment with Mr Evans, our Maths Lead, through the school office.

Maths Impact:

Our whole school approach ensures that every child sees themself as an able Mathematician and they are not afraid to make mistakes – they view them as a present in disguise.

Our most recent outcomes in Maths are as follows:

In Key Stage 1, 17% of our pupils achieved the higher standard which was in line with the national standard. 73% of pupils achieved the expected standard.

In Key Stage 2, 27% of our pupils achieved the higher standard which was also in line with the bational standard. 73% of pupils achieved the expected standard.